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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Uniden bct15x be used with a DMA scanner?

Uniden scanner owner here. Some areas are starting to move towards digital systems, so make sure your area is using an analog or trunked system first, as the BCT15X isn't digital. See if you can return ScanCat. It isn't designed to be used with DMA scanners, such as the one you have.

How do I get help programming my Uniden scanner?

Programming Your Scanner. A great place to start is right in the scanner box, where a user manual is included. Or you can search the web for blogs or other online resources for help. Uniden also has a customer support phone number (1-800-297-1023).

How to read the bct15-x scanner manual?

Easier to Read BCT15-X Scanner Manual. 1. Turn the scanner off. 2. Press & hold the number key that corresponds to the startup key when you turn the scanner on. 3. Continue holding the number key until the scanner display shows the number of the startup key configuration.

What is the phone number for Uniden customer support?

Uniden also has a customer support phone number (1-800-297-1023). However, as scanner technology advances to keep up with new communications systems, scanners have become increasingly complex to set-up and program.

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