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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reset my Profile password?

To reset the Profile password: Click Profile -> Forgot Profile Password. In this page, select the hint question, which you had set when you created your profile password for the first time. Enter the answer to the hint question. Click [Submit]. Enter a new profile password.

How do you setup a password?

In the "User Accounts" list of options in a Microsoft Windows operating system, click the "Create a Password" option, type in your preferred password and click "Create a Password" to set it. On a Mac in the user's account preferences, click on the "Reset" or "Change a Password" option, type in the new password and finish the process by clicking the "Reset" or "Change a Password" option again.

How do you manage your passwords?

Manage your passwords. The easiest (and most secure) way to keep track of a host of passwords is to use a password manager, a program that stores your passwords in an encrypted form and, as a bonus, can fill them in automatically in certain contexts (such as Web forms in compatible browsers).

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