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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for USCIS to process an I-129?

USCIS generally processes cases as they are received (“first in, first out”). USCIS has also developed internal goals for most types of petitions and applications. For example, the stated goal for Form I-129’s (H-1B petitions) is 2 months. How to use the Processing Time Report:

When does the USCIS California service center processing time report come out?

The following is the USCIS California Service Center Processing Time Report as of July 31, 2021. Are You Experiencing Immigration Issues? These Processing Times issued by USCIS gives you an estimate of how long it will take the California Service Center to process a class of petitions or applications.

Are historical processing times comparable to USCIS processing times?

Historical processing times are not comparable to the processing times posted on the USCIS processing times webpage for certain form types due to different methodologies (for example, cycle time methodology versus processing time methodology). For more information, visit the Case Processing Times webpage.

What is USCIS outside normal processing time?

What is USCIS Outside Normal Processing Time? If your ‘ case received date ’ is before the date (worst case) mentioned above, you should raise a service request with USCIS to check why your case has been delayed. This could mean your case is taking longer than other similar cases and may be stuck in administrative processing.

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