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Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work on a credit card?

Provide your credit card details. Present the credit card that you have used for the transaction, or give the merchant details of the card (if over the phone or online) so that they can process the refund. Sign any required documents. Fill out any return or refund documents as requested by the merchant.

How long does a credit card refund take?

According to the TaxAct website, credit card refunds can take anywhere from two to 30 days before they are complete. The first 24 to 48 hours of this period involve the initial refund with the credit card company.

What is credit card return?

In the event that an item purchased with a credit card is returned, the retailer will issue a refund to your credit card account instead of issuing funds directly to you. Remember, the merchant is actually paid by the credit card issuer during a credit card transaction and not by the consumer.

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