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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worst processed food?

The 5 Worst Processed Foods. Limit or avoid refined grains such as white bread, white rice, plain white pasta, regular flour tortillas and snack foods made from refined grains (cereals, crackers, sugary cakes, donuts, cookies, etc.). Eating more refined grains can elevate triglycerides and increase inflammation in your body.

What are the types of processed foods?

List of processed foods Baked goods and grains Salt and leavens Processed Fruit Processed vegetables Convenience foods Processed meat Processed dairy foods. Milk other than raw (homogenized, pasteurized, skim, low-fat, etc.) Processed fats and oils Drinks Confections. How to avoid or cut back on processed food, and why. Over 100 healthy whole food recipes and meal plans.

Is processed food cheaper than fresh food?

Processed foods do tend to be less expensive than most fresh foods. In part, they're that cheap because the U.S. government subsidizes the producers of corn and wheat, the main ingredients in those packaged snacks, which helps keep crop prices low. In addition, lean meats and fish, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, are highly perishable items, and there's a cost involved in delivering them unsullied to your table or cafeteria tray.

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