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Frequently Asked Questions

What is process hacker?

Process Hacker, A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware. Downloads - Process Hacker Overview

How do I view running applications in process hacker?

Unlike the Windows Task Manager, Process Hacker does not have a window to view running applications. Process Hacker only shows Processes, Services and Network windows. Summary. This tool is not for everyone but a very useful tool for intermediate and advanced users.

What is the difference between Process Explorer and process hacker?

Many of you have probably used Process Explorer in the past. Process Hacker is open source and can be modified or redistributed. Process Hacker is more customizable. Process Hacker shows services, network connections, disk activity, and much more! Process Hacker is better for debugging and reverse engineering.

How do I Turn Off driver services in process hacker?

By default, Process Hacker shows entries for drivers in addition to normal user-mode services. You can turn this off by checking View > Hide Driver Services.

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