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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a presale/label presale?

Label Presale - This is usually a presale that can be accessed by pre-ordering merchandise from the bands/record labels online stores. Bands will sometimes advertise presale access if you pre-order their latest album for example. If there is a presale code involved, this will normally be sent directly from the bands label.

What is the minimum amount required to enter the presale?

Presale is expected to have a soft cap of 1000 BNB and a hard cap of 1900 BNB. The exchange proportion for the presale is set at 738,465 MTLT per BNB. The minimum amount required to enter the pre-sale is 0.05 BNB, with a maximum amount of 6 BNB.

How do I get access to a presale?

To gain access to the presale, you need to register on Live Nation and then log in at the time of the presale. Links will also be emailed out directly from Live Nation themselves. Metropolis Presale - For events where Metropolis are the organisers, an exclusive presale is available for customers who are registered members on their site .

What is a presale Certificate of inspection?

Upon completion of the City inspection, you will be provided with a housing inspection report identifying if any of the specified code deficiencies were found. If no deficiencies are found, a Presale Certificate of Inspection will be issued upon payment of the sidewalk assessment fees.

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