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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a travel guide for Port Charles?

All involved in the creation of the Travel Guide deserve a big round of applause... well done. A fun guide to the fictional town of General Hospital"s Port Charles for any fan..

What is the Port Charles storyline?

It is just an overall picture of life in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York. Perfect for the General Hospital fan. I got this since I have watched this show since the 70's. It is very tongue in cheek and in the character of Lucy Coe's voice. Brings back a lot of memories. It is great for any fan of GH.

Who is Lucy Coe on General Hospital?

In a tongue in cheek manner it is "written" by Lucy Coe a leading fave Character in General Hospital and Port Charles. She is perhaps best known for hosting the Nurses Ball to raise awareness, research funds & educate about HIV & AIDS on GH & PC .

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