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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Popeyes still sell chicken sandwiches?

Why Did Popeyes Stop Selling Their Chicken Sandwich? Popeyes runs out of chicken sandwiches after launches their newly released ones, and for several months they waited until they re launched the new menu item. Citing Bloomberg News on Tuesday, the shortage affected quarter-pounder chickens.

How much is a 10 piece at Popeyes?

They provide traditional American breakfast options and breakfast wraps as well. Popeyes sells breakfasts like wings dinner which is of 3 pieces in $6.49, wings combo which is of 3 pieces at $7.99, bonafide chicken mixed with 5 biscuits and two large sides of 10 pieces of $20.00, a bonafide chicken mixed or tender with 10 pieces of $10.99.

Does Popeyes Chicken have a military discount?

Yes, Popeyes dose have a military discount for current and veteran members of the military, the family members of theirs are also qualified. How Much is Popeyes Military Discount? For military members, Popeyes offers a 10% to 20% special discount once you have proved your eligibility.

Does Popeyes have a chicken sandwich?

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is large and tilts the scale at around 480 calories. Just from a glance at the generous brioche buns, mayo or sauce, and the giant hunk of chicken that completes the sandwich, you might think that the meal would pack more of a caloric punch.

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