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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word poor mean?

poor noun Those people as a group who have little or no possessions or money. The poor are always with us. poor adjective With little or no possessions or money. We were so poor that we couldn't afford shoes. poor adjective Of low quality. That was a poor performance. poor adjective To be pitied. Oh you poor little thing. poor adjective

How does one become poor?

The way to become poor in spirit is to look at God. Read this Book about Him, read His law, look at what He expects from us, contemplate standing before Him. It is also to look at the Lord Jesus Christ and to view Him as we see Him in the Gospels.

What are some different words for poor?

synonyms for poor Compare Synonyms destitute impoverished indigent low meager needy penniless poverty-stricken underprivileged bankrupt down-and-out flat insolvent scanty suffering bad off beggared beggarly behind the eight ball broke dirt poor empty-handed flat broke fortuneless hard up impecunious in need in want moneyless necessitous pauperized

What do words mean poor?

Synonyms for POOR: beggared, beggarly, broke, destitute, dirt-poor, down-and-out, famished, hard up; Antonyms for POOR: affluent, deep-pocketed, fat, fat-cat, flush ...

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