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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poo-Poo?

poo-poo 1. nounAn outright dismissal of some argument as being unworthy of consideration or debate. My idea could save the company millions, but I'm still expecting a poo-poo from the board of directors because of how radical it is.

What is non compos PooPoo?

non compos poopoo slangExtremely drunk. A faux Latinism probably modeled on the real Latin phrase "non compos mentis," meaning not sane or mentally competent. There's no way I'm letting you drive home when you're this non compos poopoo. See also: compo, non, poopoo poo-poo 1.

What did Felix do with PeePee Poo Poo?

With the help of PeePee PooPoo, Felix was able to kill a group of pillagers who attacked the house. Still filled with sadness over the death of his pets, he decided to go on a pilgrimage riding PeePeePooPoo

Is the poop poop land at Insadong worth it?

The entrance is not bad, the inside is full of rubber poop in different colors and toilet seats. Price $6. My friend and I were walking around Insadong, and literally followed little pictures of the pop emjoi on the floor/the sounds of farts into "Poo Poo Land". Most random, unexpected & hilarious place ever. This place is ridiculous and amazing.

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