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Frequently Asked Questions

What your poop can tell you about your health?

Poop can also reveal facets of "gut health," an emerging area of interest in the medical community. The color, regularity, and consistency of your bowel movements aren't the only characteristics that can tip you off to what's going on inside your body—there's also a host of information available at the microscopic level.

What your POOP is trying to tell you?

Here are 6 ways to read what your poop is trying to tell you. (Don’t be shy, take a look….) 1.) The Hard Strain: If you have to strain or your poop is hard it may mean that you are constipated and not evacuating your bowels properly. The most common cause for constipation is inadequate fiber and water intake.

What does a normal poop look like?

Blood in your stool can vary in appearance. It can be bright red and be streaked or spotted. Your poo may also be tarry and dark (called melena), which is an indication of bleeding in a higher area of the GI tract.

What are the stages of poop?

Most breastfeeding classes go over the "stages" of newborn breastfed baby poop: tarry black or dark green meconium at the beginning, changing to green/yellow when your colostrum starts getting digested, and finally yellowish, mustardy, seedy stool when your milk comes in.

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