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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the new infrastructure bill?

A Monmouth University poll conducted July 21-26 asked about both the initial infrastructure bill and the new $3.5 trillion bill, describing the latter this way: "A plan to expand access to healthcare and child care, and provide paid leave and college tuition support."

Will public opinion support a trillion-dollar stimulus bill for infrastructure?

Previous public opinion research has shown strong support for stimulus spending bills passed in the midst of the pandemic, and polling has long shown strong support for spending a trillion dollars or more on "hard infrastructure" legislation.

What is the Democratic'soft infrastructure'budget plan?

Fast on the heels of the Senate passage of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Senate Democrats have now advanced a $3.5 trillion "soft infrastructure" budget plan.

Will Joe Manchin support Biden’s infrastructure plan?

This is a notable change compared with results in the same poll in October, 2020. The poll comes as Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing ahead with President Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion infrastructure proposal, though Manchin has indicated he will not support that amount of spending.

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