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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PMU stand for?

Stands for "Power Management Unit.". The PMU is a microcontroller, or integrated circuit, that controls the power functions of Macintosh computers.

What does PMU stand for in energy?

PMU stands for "Power Management Unit". How to abbreviate "Power Management Unit"? "Power Management Unit" can be abbreviated as PMU. What is the meaning of PMU abbreviation?

What does PMU stand for in airline?

What does PMU stand for? 2. 2. PMU stands for Premium Aviation. (also Power Management Unit and 154 more)

What is Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)?

Phasor measurement unit. A phasor measurement unit (PMU) is a device used to estimate the magnitude and phase angle of an electrical Phasor quantity like voltage or current in the electricity grid using a common time source for synchronization. Time synchronization is usually provided by GPS and allows synchronized real-time measurements...

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