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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a plus size wedding dress?

This A-line wedding… While there are many bridal stores that carry plus size wedding dresses only, many more salons have started carrying extended sizing to help serve brides of all shapes and sizes. Find a bridal shop near you and inquire about their size ranges to ensure you have a great wedding dress shopping experience.

Why choose our large size wedding dress assortment?

Your wedding dress ought to be as remarkable and exceptional as your otherworldly wedding day, presently hefty size ladies can look no farther than our creator larger size wedding dress assortment.

What size do wedding dresses come in?

From exemplary ribbon wedding outfits to hot bare-backed marriage outfits, our figure-complimenting outfit assortment was intended for each lady – from sizes 2-34/36. Our larger size outfits highlight directly from the runway patterns and offer a lot of claim for the work of art or unassuming lady of the hour.

Why do we stock affordable wedding dresses?

That’s why we stock affordable wedding dresses in a variety of styles for a variety of shapes and sizes. Just because you are a plus size, that doesn’t mean your wedding dress choices have to be limited and expensive.

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