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Frequently Asked Questions

What are synonyms for playing?

Synonyms for Playing: adj. •acting (adjective) enactment. n. v. •dramatizing (verb) Dramatizing, Characterizing, Burlesquing, miming, choreographing, Presenting, pantomiming, Improvising, acting. Other synonyms: • recitation.

What is the definition of playing?

playing(noun) the act of playing a musical instrument. playing(noun) the action of taking part in a game or sport or other recreation. acting, playing, playacting, performing(noun) the performance of a part or role in a drama.

What does play mean?

to act or perform (a play); to represent in music action; as, to play a comedy; also, to act in the character of; to represent by acting; to simulate; to behave like; as, to play King Lear; to play the woman

What is the meaning of play?

Definition of play to. 1. : to behave or perform in a particular way for (someone or something) in order to get approval or attention. He didn't mean what he was saying. He was just playing to the crowd. He loves publicity and plays to the cameras every chance he gets.

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