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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study planning at UVA?

Studying planning at UVA is an opportunity to work on these challenges through applied classes, internships, and research.

What are my health plan options as a UVA employee?

Every UVA employee has different benefits needs, and you have 3 health plan options to choose from to meet your needs. All options are administered by Aetna: To enroll in your health plan option as a new employee, navigate to Workday>Inbox and follow the instructions for the new hire enrollment action.

Is the UVA Health Plan self-insured?

The UVA Health Plan is self-insured. This means that the employee and employer premiums must be at the appropriate level to cover all services provided to all UVA Health Plan participants including but not limited to visits, surgeries, therapy, drugs, x-rays, diagnostic tests, immunizations, etc.

What is the difference between 2020 and 2021 UVA Health Plans?

For a quick sense of how the costs compare between the UVA Health Plans for 2020, see the UVA Health Plan Cost Comparison at a Glance. For the 2021 plan year, there are no changes from 2020 to premiums, coinsurance, co-pays, or deductibles for the Basic, Value, and Choice Health options for full-time employees.

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