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Frequently Asked Questions

What can go wrong with the placenta during pregnancy?

Bleeding in later pregnancy can result from serious problems with the placenta. These could be that the placenta is too low and covering the cervix (placenta previa) or that it has prematurely separated from the uterine wall (abruption). These conditions often need to be treated by doing a cesarean delivery.

What disorders can affect the placenta during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, possible placental problems include placental abruption, placenta previa and placenta accreta. These conditions can cause potentially heavy vaginal bleeding. After delivery, retained placenta is also sometimes a concern.

What happens if your placenta is low during pregnancy?

What Happens If Your Placenta Is Low During Pregnancy? Minimal bleeding Heavy bleeding Uncontrolled bleeding

What complications can affect the placenta?

Complications of Placenta Previa. There are many complications that can occur with placenta previa. The biggest concern is the bleeding, which can lead to hemorrhaging during labor and delivery, maternal shock, or even death.

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