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Frequently Asked Questions

What complications can affect the placenta?

Complications of Placenta Previa. There are many complications that can occur with placenta previa. The biggest concern is the bleeding, which can lead to hemorrhaging during labor and delivery, maternal shock, or even death.

What causes small placenta?

Other factors associated with small placentas include accelerated placental maturation and major fetal malformations. Unevenly accelerated placental maturation is the characteristic consequence of pre-eclampsia and chronic maternal hypertension (which reduce blood flow from the uterus to the placenta).

What is an abnormal placenta?

Placenta Abnormal | Embryo Slides. Circumvallate placenta is an abnormally shaped placenta where the chorionic membranes are not inserted at the edge of the placenta, but are located inward from the margins toward the placental cord. The membranes are described as "doubled back" over the fetal surface of the placenta.

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