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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good used food trucks that run on Wheels?

Great Running Ford Food Truck / Commercial Kitchen on Wheels. Fully Overhauled Manual GMC P3500 Step Van Mobile Kitchen Street Food Truck. Ready to Go Used Ford Lunch Serving / Canteen-Style Food Truck. Super Clean 2002 Chevrolet Workhorse Stepvan / Mobile Kitchen Food Truck. Lightly Used 2008 Chevrolet Coffee and Espresso Truck/Mobile Cafe.

What kind of food trucks have fire suppression systems?

Chevrolet Step Van Mobile Kitchen Food Truck with Fire Suppression System. 22' Chevy P30 Permitted Kitchen Food Truck with California Insignia. Health Dept Permitted GMC 25' Food Truck / Professional Mobile Kitchen. 2000 Chevrolet Step Van Kitchen Food Truck with Pro-Fire. Very Low Mileage - Chevrolet Astro Ice Cream Truck/ Mobile Dessert Truck.

What is the best mobile food truck with a low mileage?

Low Mileage 2019 Chevrolet Express Mobile Cafe / Espresso Truck. Chevrolet Step Van Mobile Kitchen Food Truck with Fire Suppression System. Diesel Freightliner Step Van Kitchen Food Truck with Fire Suppression. Ready to Go 2015 Nissan NV Mobile Kitchen Food Truck - Works Great. 27' Freightliner MT45 Diesel Food Truck with New 2021 Kitchen.

What is the best old food truck to buy?

2014 Ford E-350 20' Street Food Truck / Ready to Roll Mobile Kitchen Unit. 18' Chevrolet P20 Stepvan Food Truck with 2020 Kitchen Build-Out. Vintage Remodeled 1968 VW Bus Volkswagen Transporter Catering and Food Truck. 2005 Workhorse P42 Diesel Stepvan / Licensed Street Food Truck.

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