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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best pita sandwiches in Columbus Ohio?

Pitabilities - Columbus, OH - Food Truck | StreetFoodFinder Find Pitabilities with our calendar. Welcome to Pitabilities, the best pita sandwiches in Central Ohio. Always fresh, always made your way. Featuring our own Bella sauce and fresh ingredients.

Can you order from pitabilities food truck online?

The Pitabilities food truck came to work for lunch last Tuesday. When looking up their menu one of my co-workers discovered you could place your order online. Seeing that we work in healthcare and really do not get much of a lunch break.

How do I join pitabilities family?

Join Pitabilities Family through franchising. Check out the truck schedule! See a location that looks perfect? Order ahead starts 24 hours before service begins. Once it goes live, check back in to place your order. We can't wait to see you at the truck! Perfect for the big game or having some friends over for dinner.

Where can I get a good pita in Hilliard?

Start your review of Pitabilities. Pitabilities is part of the Center Street Market in Hilliard and it's so good. They have a nice selection of bowls, pitas, and sides that are affordable and delicious! I got a chicken pita with rice, chickpeas, and red cabbage.

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