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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest type of bat?

The largest species of bat are a few species of Pteropus (fruit bats or flying foxes) and the giant golden-crowned flying fox with a weight up to 1.6 kg (4 lb) and wingspan up to 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in). They date back to the Middle Paleogene (Eocene epoch).

What are all the types of bats?

Bats are divided into two main types: megabats and microbats. Megabats (formally, bats in the Megachiroptera suborder) include flying foxes and Old-World fruit bats. They tend to be larger than microbats (Microchiroptera suborder), although some microbats are actually larger than the smaller megabats.

What are the names of bats?

Scientific Classification and Names - Translations. [Chiro-hand + ptero-wing = hand-wing]; bats fly with wings that are really greatly expanded hands. Within the Order, there are two distinct kinds (Infraorders) of bats, the Megachiroptera and the Microchiroptera, literally the big and little bats.

What are Mega bats?

Mega bats. There are over 900 different kinds of bats in the world, most are found in the tropics. The megabats are large and found in tropical rain forests (like Australia and Africa). These bats are also called flying foxes because they look like foxes or dogs. They either eat fruit or drink nectar from flowers,...

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