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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a physical map?

A physical map is one which shows the physical features of a place or country, like rivers, mountains, forests and lakes. The physical features are usually shown in different colors.

What is the best National Geographic Map for kids?

National Geographic's The World for Kids wall map is an enticing and engaging world map perfect for classroom, home or library. Recommended by geography educators for ages 7-12, this map features an optimized map design for readability and easy, intuitive learning. Maps of Familiar Places

What can maps tell us about the world?

Physical maps can show us landforms. Political maps can show us the outlines of countries. Weather maps can show us weather in different areas.

What is the difference between topographic and physical maps?

Topographic maps are similar to physical maps, which show the physical features of an area. Although in topographic maps, differences in elevation and changes in landscape are shown with the help of contour lines and not colors.

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