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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PHP backend or frontend?

So, is PHP backend or frontend? PHP is a scripting language that focuses on the server-side of the application, making it a backend programming tool. It only runs in the backend to ensure that the website operates effectively.

What is the difference between front-end and back-end development?

Unlike front-end development — which is typically JavaScript-based — the back-end can be built in many different programming languages, from compiled languages like Java to interpreted languages like PHP, Python and Ruby. Back-end developers also need to interact with database management systems like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or MySQL.

What are the different types of backend programming languages?

Backend programming languages like PHP are usually divided into two forms, functional or object-oriented programming (OOP). The latter involves objects where commands execute in a specific sequence and later versions of PHP are OOP.

What are the different types of frontend programming languages?

In addition to basic frontend languages, you’ll come across web frameworks such as Bootstrap, Django, and Angular, JavaScript libraries like jQuery, and CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS. There’s a long list of resources like these, with a range of different tools for each language and potential function.

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