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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add photo gallery to my website?

To add a photo gallery to your website, follow these steps: Step 1: In your web editor, click “Apps” then you’ll click the “Photo Gallery” icon from the list of Apps. Step 2: Upload images from your computer into your file manager. Step 3: Select the images you want for your gallery and click “select photos”.

How do you enlarge picture in photo gallery?

click "Fix" on the toolbar...choose...Crop Photo. To resize the edited photo...right click the photo and. choose Resize. Tip...if you want two versions of the edited photo... before and after...make a copy of the original before. you edit it....and edit the copy.

What is the best photo gallery app?

MyRoll Gallery. MyRoll Gallery is another one of the best photo gallery app which is preferred by a lot of users. The main page consists of two sections, i.e., images and videos. You can sort files by name/date/ascending/descending, create new album or folder, change the theme and file view option, etc.

What is a digital photo gallery?

Digital Photo Gallery is an image management and website publishing system for Photographers and people who work with Photographers. With DPG you can store and organise full resolution images, create and maintain beautiful portfolio websites, deliver work to clients and collaborate in teams.

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