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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference’s wildcard spot?

This question rings especially true for the Pittsburgh Penguins, currently the proud owners of a seven-game win streak that has catapulted Mike Sullivan’s troops into the Eastern Conference’s primary wild-card spot. Are Zucker and Kapanen Trade Candidates Out of Pittsburgh?

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins at full strength?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are almost at full strength, minus the six players in NHL COVID protocol, and the NHL is discussing shortening the protocol but must deal with Canada, too.

What are the Pittsburgh Penguins doing on this date in 2000?

The Pittsburgh Penguins return to practice on Monday with most of their players on the ice, though one tested positive on Sunday. On this date in the year 2000, a legend returns with a bang The Mario Lemieux comeback is old enough to buy a beer. You know, if an inanimate event could purchase alcohol.

Is Penguins’ lineup in good shape?

Head coach Mike Sullivan was quick to correct the media that the Penguins lineup is not in good shape, but it could get at least one, if not two, of its top players back if there is a game on Friday. Penguins Practice: Malkin Takes LW Beside Crosby?

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