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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do all the penguins live?

All known species of penguins live naturally in the southern hemisphere of the world. They actually occupy habitats which are located on each of the five continents within the southern hemisphere.

Where do penguins live in Antarctica?

However, all known species of penguins live naturally in the southern hemisphere. Contrary to general belief, Penguins do not live only in icy conditions. Outside of Antarctica, Penguins usually inhabit desertic regions and rocky islands where there are not a large number of land predators, so their incapacity to fly is not an issue.

What is the habitat of the little blue penguin?

Range & Habitat. Little blue penguins are thought to occur on the coastal New Zealand as well as the southern coast of Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, and offshore islands. They are also found in the Western Australia.

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