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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Penguins fly in the water?

Penguins cannot fly in the air. They do have wings, but they are not designed for flight. Their wings resemble the flippers which we wear while scuba diving, and they use them efficiently for swimming. Therefore, penguins cannot fly in the water. Can penguins fly underwater?

Do penguins have wings?

No, there are no such penguins that can fly. Not even the smallest penguin species are able to fly. Their body weights and tapered wings do not allow them to fly, not even for short distances. Do penguins have wings?

How do penguins dive underwater?

Think: dolphins and porpoises.) While flying birds have hollow bones, penguins have bones that are solid and heavy and that helps them dive underwater. Also their wings are smaller compared to birds of flight. This reduces drag when the penguins are swimming underwater. An African penguin dives into the water.

How fast can a penguin fly?

What is maybe more amazing is they can fly up to speeds of 20 miles per hour. When you watch penguins under water you can see the way they move their wings and the forces that are generated by their forelimbs are very similar, if not identical, to the forces of birds that fly in the air.

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