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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Penguin parts of the body?

Since a penguin is a bird, it shares the same body parts: a head with two eyes, two ears and a bill (beak), two wings (called flippers), two legs and a billion small feathers. Below are a few of these body parts or characteristics explained. Below is information on body shape, coloration, head, legs and tail.

What is the body structure of a penguin?

External morphology. The body shape of all penguins is fusiform, spindle-shaped: thin at the ends and thicker in the center. Their head tends to be large, small beak, short neck, and elongated body. No visible ears, and their tail, short, is like a wedge but longer in the Chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarcticus),...

What is the body of a penguin covered with?

The body of the penguin is covered with feathers that offer them insulation. When they are on land, the flippers and the tail are used to help them maintain balance. The tail is very short and wedge shaped. Waddling is the common type of movement on land.

What is the body temperature of a penguin?

The penguins are able to keep their core body temperature at 39 degrees Celsius even in the negative 40 degree Celsius temperatures during nights in the Antarctic. They are insulated by a layer of blubber that helps keep their core temperature at a manageable level.

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