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Frequently Asked Questions

What species are emperor penguins?

Emperor penguins fact # 1. The Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is one of the two species of penguin that can be found on the Antarctic mainland. The other species is the Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae).

What is the life span of an emperor penguin?

Despite this hard way of life, the average life expectancy of emperor penguins is up to 20 years. These weather conditions give them in return the advantage of living far from humans and other predators, keeping them away from pollution and other disturbances.

What are emperor penguins special features?

Emperor Penguin. The penguins can store large amounts of fat which insulates their bodies while also serving as a long-lasting energy source. They have small bills and flippers, which helps to conserve heat, and special nasal chambers that minimize the heat normally emitted through exhalation.

What are facts about the emperor penguin?

Top facts. At over 1m tall and weighing up to 40 kgs the emperor penguin is the largest of all the penguins. For about 9 weeks through each harsh Antarctic winter, male emperor penguins incubate a single egg laid by its mate. Male emperor penguins huddle in groups of up to 5000 to survive the harsh Antarctic winter.

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