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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of penguins?

The evolutionary history of penguins is poorly understood, as penguin fossils are rare. The oldest known fossil penguin species are the Waimanu, which lived in the early Paleocene epoch of New Zealand, about 62 million years ago.

Do penguins have eyes?

The eyes of an Adelie Penguin are very expressive. The white 'eye ring' is very important for individual and species recognition. Other penguins do not have such an eye ring, or they have a black one. This penguin has rolled its eye downward so that its iris is hidden.

How do Penguins slide on Ice?

penguins slide baby penguins penguins slide on there belly to get around in antarctica. most penguins slide on ice clifes for fun. sliding on the ice clifes also help penguins get around in antarctica.

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