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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a penguin Diner 2?

Have fun with Penguin Diner, a classic flash game, or try its sequel Penguin Diner 2 ! BigWig developed Penguin Diner. The game was initially launched as a Flash game.

What is bonuspenguin diner 3D?

Penguin Diner 3D is a super-fun and addictive time management game for kids and adults alike! Help Penny the Penguin and her friends, run their cool diners and feed some very cute, but very hungry penguins. Penguin Diner 3D is a bigger, cuter, deeper sequel to the smash hit originals: Penguin Diner and Penguin Diner 2!

What do you do in Penguin diner?

In Penguin Diner, be ready to manage your own restaurants and serve the penguin customers! Penny the lost Penguin found herself on an icy mountain and needs to earn some money to get back home.

Can you play the original Penguin diner on iOS?

Penguin Diner has received 201,980 plays and has been rated 9.3 out of 10 with 1,718 votes. This thrilling arcade game is powered by Flash to run in modern browsers. In addition to playing Penguin Diner on your computer, you can also play it on your iOS device.

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