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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to have a rescue dog from Peggy Adams?

We just brought home a rescue dog from Peggy Adams. He's 55 lbs. - they received him young and he had not been socialized. He was a difficult case - the behaviorist worked with him and he was placed in a foster home and they did wonders with him. He is people shy and we are willing to be patient - we've had dogs with issues before.

How many pounds can a dog weigh at Peggy Adams?

We had been to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue twice before looking for a pet dog. We have major constraints since our building only allows dogs with a maximum of 15 lbs. So we had not been successful before. Well, the third time was the charm!!

Why is Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League closing its Wellness Clinic?

"As a precaution to the COVID-19 virus, to reduce exposure to and protect our community from the virus, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is being proactive and limiting non-essential services to the public. We will be suspending our public Wellness Clinic but will continue…"

Why choose peerpeggy Adams?

Peggy Adams is an excellent shelter and the staff is so helpful and attentive to both animals & humans! During the meet & greet time with the counselor & animal, they give you as much information as they have on that animal, and in some cases you can talk with the vet.

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