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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Pegasus Equine Center?

No other equine center in the world features the Pegasus combination of leading exercise therapies, advanced cross training equipment, and cutting-edge medical treatments. Located just outside Seattle, Washington, Pegasus offers a wide range of treatments, such as:

Do you have to buy anything from Pegasus to Australia?

No purchase necessary. "I could not believe how quick the shipping was to Australia and the price, well it was so cheap that I didn't believe it would arrive so quickly. I bought something else from another city in Australia which took longer to arrive than the one from Pegasus in the USA.

What is uniquemark DeDomenico Pegasus?

MARK DEDOMENICO Pegasus Training and Rehabilitation Center in Redmond, Washington brings together the ultimate resources and equipment for "care without compromise" of the equine athlete.

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