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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to buy anything from Pegasus to Australia?

No purchase necessary. "I could not believe how quick the shipping was to Australia and the price, well it was so cheap that I didn't believe it would arrive so quickly. I bought something else from another city in Australia which took longer to arrive than the one from Pegasus in the USA.

Is the Pegasus World Cup being held a week earlier?

The NTRA should be informed that the Pegasus World Cup is being held a week earlier than usual. Usually the Eclipse Awards and Pegasus World Cup are on the same weekend. Probably being run earlier to give horses more time to prepare for the Saudi Cup

How many times has Bob Marley won the Pegasus World Cup?

He's won the Pegasus World Cup twice. Never won the Saudi Cup. Sure when Bob told the owners we can go for share of 20 mil or 3 mil , they said 20. 17 million reasons why.

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