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Frequently Asked Questions

When can you remove a PEG tube?

Your PEG can be removed when you are able to keep your weight stable for at least three weeks without using your tube. What you should do after your PEG is removed? It is very important to change the dressing daily and keep the dressing dry for five days. You may shower 24 hours after the tube is removed.

How do you replace a PEG tube?

If the PEG tube is not replaced by another tube, the PEG tract will shrink in several hours and close within days. A new PEG tube should be replaced quickly. Otherwise, a Foley catheter should be placed through the PEG tract to keep it open. Select the size of replacement feeding tube based on the size of old PEG tube.

When to remove PEG tube?

Percutaneous PEG removal or replacement can be safely performed after the PEG tract is matured, which usually matures over several weeks (average 4 weeks) after initial PEG procedure. Infrequently, the PEG tube is advertently removed or prematurely blocked within weeks after initial PEG tube placement.

What are the complications of PEG tube removal?

Complications from this procedure may occur. Minor complications include leakage of food or fluid around the tube onto the abdominal wall surface, pain at the incision site, mild bleeding at the incision site or infection at the incision site.

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