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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give medication through a PEG tube?

Medication via peg. If there is no alternative, crush tablet or open capsule and mix with 10-15ml of freshly boiled and cooled water Draw up into 50ml syringe flush tube with 30ml of water before drug administration, administer each drug separately, flushing the tube with 5ml of water in between each medication.

How do you pull a PEG tube?

The PEG tube is attached to the guide wire at the end that is exiting the patient’s mouth and lubricated. The stomach end of the wire is pulled, bringing the PEG tube through the mouth via the oesophagus into the stomach and out through the fis- tula tract (Fig 5).

What is the medical term for PEG tube?

A percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is a procedure for placing a feeding tube directly into the stomach through a small incision in the abdominal wall with the assistance of an instrument known as an endoscope. The procedure is performed as a means of providing nutrition to patients who cannot take food by mouth.

Is PEG tube placement a major surgery?

PEG tube placement is a safe procedure, but all surgeries carry some risks. You will need to sign a consent form that explains the risks and benefits of the surgery.

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