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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications can go through a PEG tube?

These capsules may be opened and emptied into the feeding tube, but their contents should not be crushed. Examples of medications that may be administered this way include diltiazem (Tiazac, Biovail Pharmaceuticals, Morrisville, NC) and verapamil (Verelan, UCB Pharma, Smyrna, GA). Ferrone et al.

How do you give medication through a PEG tube?

Medication via peg. If there is no alternative, crush tablet or open capsule and mix with 10-15ml of freshly boiled and cooled water Draw up into 50ml syringe flush tube with 30ml of water before drug administration, administer each drug separately, flushing the tube with 5ml of water in between each medication.

How to give Meds via PEG tube?

Medication via peg. Avoid bulk-forming laxatives as these will expand on contact with moisture and block the feeding tube. Avoid antacids, as these may interact with the feed and block the tube. Many medicines are incompatible with enteral feeds. Interactions can occur, which could block the feeding tube.

Is a PEG tube the same as feeding tube?

A peg is a tube placed into the stomach from outside the abdomen, which is used to feed the stomach with liquid nutrition. A g tube is similar to a peg tube, but it is surgically placed while a peg is endoscopically placed.

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