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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a PEG tube be replaced?

Most patients had PEG tubes with varying degrees of occlusion. Conclusion: PEG tubes should be replaced after approximately eight months in order to prevent skin infection around the PEG and fungal growth. We recommend replacement of PEG tubes by a skilled physician in the hospital at regular eight-month intervals.

How do you replace a PEG tube?

If the PEG tube is not replaced by another tube, the PEG tract will shrink in several hours and close within days. A new PEG tube should be replaced quickly. Otherwise, a Foley catheter should be placed through the PEG tract to keep it open. Select the size of replacement feeding tube based on the size of old PEG tube.

What are the side effects of a PEG tube?

You should discuss these risks and benefits with your healthcare provider. Some potential risks of PEG tube insertion include: Reactions to the anesthesia. Pain. Leakage of stomach contents around the tube. Infection of the tube site. Infection that spreads inside the belly.

When to recommend a PEG tube?

Step 5: Recommend PEG. A PEG tube should be recommended if the patient is not eating or drinking adequately, the problem is expected to last more than a few weeks, death is not imminent, and there is no contraindication to a PEG.

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