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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a PEG tube and J tube the same?

In brief: Peg tube/j tube. Hello, these are various methods of enteral feeding in a pt with different indications. Peg-tube( per-cutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube) is usually placed by a GI physician, into the stomach by performing a gastroscopy. A g-tube is also the same procedure but is performed by a surgeon without a possible gastroscopy.

What is a G J feeding tube?

Gastrojejunal feeding tube. A gastrojejunostomy or GJ feeding tube is a combination device that includes access to both the stomach and the jejunum, or middle part of the small intestine. Typical tubes are placed in a G-tube site or stoma, with a narrower long tube continuing through the stomach and into the small intestine.

Where is the J tube located?

A jejunostomy tube, also called a J-tube, is a surgically placed directly into your child's small intestine to help with nutrition and growth. The tube is usually a red rubber tube that is stitched at the stoma site, which is the opening in the skin.

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