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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Opt-Out of PeekYou?

Click “Opt Out” in the top-right corner of your record. Fill out the opt-out form. Enter a valid email and duplicate it in the “Email Verify” field. Please note that PeekYou requires a unique email address each time you submit an opt-out request on their website.

Where does PeekYou get its information? relies solely on public web content to maintain its database. The website gets its information from homepages, blog platforms, news sources, and social sites. Even so, not everyone wants their information easily accessible via this search engine.

Does PeekYou obtain non-digitalized Records?

PeekYou does not obtain non-digitalized records, such as financial or health records, unless you have made these records publicly available. How do I contact PeekYou? If you would like to contact PeekYou, send an email with your inquiries to [email protected]

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