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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Peek-A-Boo highlights?

Peek-a-boo highlights are highlights that are applied to the under-layers of the hair to create stunning color combinations without necessarily saturating the entire hair with color. Bleaching is not always necessary as muted hues of the color will often look just as good when stylishly thrown in using the dyeing technique.

What is Peekaboo hair color?

What Is Peekaboo Hair Color? Peekaboo highlights are called like so for the obvious reason – they are trying to give you that ‘peekaboo’ moment. These are applied underneath the top layer of your hair, and they are not as easy to spot once you wear your hair down.

Who can wear Peekaboo highlights?

Peekaboo highlights can be worn by anyone! You can go for a dramatic neon color that is party-perfect, or you can go for a light beige or blonde if you are a minimalistic person. Natural & more neutral colors are office-friendly and perfect for women who can’t do a dramatic change with their hair at work.

Why are Peek-A-Boo curls so popular?

The randomness of the peek-a-boo curls is what makes them so perfectly suited to the hairdo, especially because of the thick fluffy curls. The touches of color have been spread evenly around the hair to give it some measure of balance. The tastefully applied highlights benefit this hairdo in three major ways.

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