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Frequently Asked Questions

How to dye Peekaboo hair?

Peekaboo is a hairstyle for everyone, but when picking your peekaboo dye, always consider your complexion, undertone, and natural hair color to find what suits you best. You can also match different colors as long as they complement each other. To do the peekaboo hair, you only need to strategically section your hair, bleach, color, and style!

What are the best Peekaboo highlights for brown hair?

Blonde peekaboo highlights on brown hair give the hair a lot of texture and can transform any fine hair into a gorgeous mane. Get a bob hairstyle with bangs parted in the middle, and any woman will envy the new look. 10. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Red Hair

Where do Peekaboo highlights go?

Traditionally peekaboo highlights are placed at the bottom section of your hair at the back. It’s usually under a thick top layer of hair. However, others like applying their highlights on the left or right side of their head. These placements allow for a peek-a-boo moment whenever you brush up your hair or change its direction.

What is the Peek-A-Boo trend?

The peek-a-boo trend can be more obvious on hair that’s layered or short. You want to tailor it more to your look. If you want it more on show, ask your stylist to layer you up. If you are layered or short and want something subtle ask your stylist for finer panels for gentle pops of color.

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