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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my PayPal account?

Type in your email address or user ID in the “Email” field of the access form that you’ll see in the center of your screen. Enter your PayPal user password in the second box. Click “Log In”.

Do I need to verify my PayPal account?

To verify a PayPal account, one must simply add a bank account to their PayPal account through the PayPal account profile. Login to your PayPal account. Click the Profile link to enter your account profile. Under My Money, click to Update / Add a bank account. Enter the required information to add the bank account to PayPal.

Can my customers pay without PayPal account?

Re: Can my customers pay without Paypal account? PayPal does provide what is called "Guest Checkout" where buyers can use a credit card without creating an account or logging in. Depending on how your payments are integrated there are different ways to get this working best so that the Guest Checkout option is prominently displayed.

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