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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my PayPal account was hacked?

What Should I Do If My PayPal Account Was Hacked Hack-Proof Your Password. Chances are if your account was hacked, the criminals have your password, so this is the first place you want to start. Check the Account Details. Within your account settings, and make sure no hackers have added or changed any info on these sections. Scan Activity Logs. ... Look for Other Breaches. ... Defend Your Account. ... More items...

Can your PayPal be hacked?

Though the incidents of a Paypal account getting hacked is not much common, it has occurred in the past and it can happen to you too. In order to keep your Paypal account safe, you need to follow certain precautions that will be explained in this post.

How do I get Free Money on my PayPal account?

Join a website named SurveySpot. At SurveySpot you can earn free paypal money by taking simple online surveys. The sign up for the website is very simple and the rewards available are endless. Only take surveys that have a point value.

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