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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marshall from PAW Patrol?

Marshall is the PAW Patrol's fire rescue dog, and the oldest of his friends, and as of season two, its medic. He is prone to clumsily tripping over objects on his way to the team's elevator. His vehicle is a red firetruck that is able to transform into an ambulance. He is brave, confident, strong, feisty, sassy, smart, and loyal.

Who is rocky in PAW Patrol?

Rocky- Rocky is a mixed breed mongrel who serves as a Green Paw Patrol recycling dog. He carries innumerable tools inside his pup pack. See also What is an emitter quirk?

Who is Jake in PAW Patrol?

Scott McCord is the voice of Jake in PAW Patrol. TV Show: PAW Patrol Franchise: PAW Patrol

What is fire truck PAW Patrol?

With flashing lights and sounds, the PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck is ready to roll! This emergency vehicle is loaded from front to back with multiple moving features to complete any rescue operation. With one motion, pull up the cab and it becomes a lookout atop the 2-foot tall swiveling ladder.

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