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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a PAW Patrol costume?

You can also hire Paw Patrol costume character entertainer rentals to come to your child’s birthday party live. It’s never been easier to Rent Paw Patrol Adult Size Mascot Costumes! All the Paw Patrols are for rent, including skye marshall Chase Rocky Rubble Zuma and Ryder.

What to wear to a PAW Patrol Halloween party?

The brown jumpsuit, blue shirt, blue cop hat, and blue pup-pack will transform him into his favorite TV show character! He'll love yelling out Chase's catchphrases like "Chase is on the case!" and "these paws uphold the laws!" while he's out trick-or-treating in this PAW Patrol Halloween costume.

What kind of dogs are in PAW Patrol costumes?

Be your favorite pup from PAW Patrol! Team up with this top-notch squad of search and rescue dogs in our PAW Patrol costumes and accessories for kids, adults and pets (of course). Dress up as Chase the crimefighting German Shepard, Marshall the firefighting Dalmatian, or Skye the Cockapoo for some air rescue!

What does rubble's PAW Patrol costume look like?

The orange jumpsuit looks like Rubble's fur and the yellow vest and construction hat will make him look like a real construction worker! This kids PAW Patrol costume is great for Halloween and if there's trouble — or candy — Rubble is on the double! This little Chihuahua has a lot of spunk!

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