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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do students wear masks when they play instruments at concerts?

Students also got masks for the ends of their wind instruments, known as bell covers, allowing them to jam in person, albeit 6 feet apart. “It’s amazing to play together,” Charleston said. “Music has always been my safe space. It’s what’s in your soul, and you’re sharing that with other people.”

Should string instrumentalists wear masks while playing?

The U.S. Marine Band in Washington, D.C., practices in small, socially distanced groups, but string instrumentalists are the only ones wearing masks while playing. For both professionals and students, the pandemic has virtually eliminated live audiences in favor of virtual performances.

Who invented the mask with a hole and flap?

His worries evaporated when he arrived on campus and discovered that music professor Tom Walsh had invented a special mask with a hole and a protective flap to allow musicians to play while masked. Subscribe to KHN’s free Weekly Edition newsletter.

Why do flutists wear surgical masks on top?

The ventilated design helps limit condensation and interference with the player’s air stream. Amid the pandemic, some flutists now use them with surgical masks on top to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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