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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Parkinson's disease affect my memory?

In some cases, Parkinson's disease can lead to dementia, which is the deterioration of brain tissue. This can affect the memory. Currently, it's thought that roughly half of those with Parkinson's disease will develop dementia. There are treatment options designed to treat dementia, though.

Can exercise reduce symptoms of Parkinson's?

Exercise good for people with Parkinson's and their general wellbeing. But we now know that the right type and intensity of exercise can actually slow the progression of Parkinson's symptoms. The right exercise can help people remain physically active, and reduce discomfort from pain and other symptoms affecting mobility.

What are the symptoms of non-tremor Parkinson's?

Non-motor symptoms can include: Cognitive changes: problems with attention, planning, language, memory or even dementia Constipation Early satiety: feeling of fullness after eating small amounts Excessive sweating, often when wearing off medications Fatigue Increase in dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) Hallucinations and delusions More items...

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