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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find parking at the east?

The East is easy to find and it's easy in and easy out. They do have a rewards program and you can reserve your spot online or even through their free app. Their parking rates are very reasonable and their services are worth it. Worthy of a try. Love using this parking area ..

How do I use the parking spot east shuttle service?

Download the Parking Spot App and track the location of our shuttles. Quick shuttle service. Make sure you're boarding The Parking Spot East shuttle, and give the driver your locator slip. We'll carry your bags for you to the trunk of your vehicle. The shuttle driver will drop you off at your vehicle.

What is the airport parking spot?

This location features covered parking and complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. The Parking Spot is less expensive than traditional airport parking and very convenient. Take advantage of our electric vehicle charging stations, and choose between covered or uncovered parking.

Where can I find off-site parking at Austin airport?

Never worry about Austin Airport off-site parking again with The Parking Spot Austin East! The Parking Spot East is conveniently located off of Texas - 130 and offers covered parking.

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